Thursday, 31 March 2011

We all love colour, right ?

Take a look at this amazing film clip - it's incredible !

Wasn't that fantastic ?

Well, loads of stuff has been happening here so time is just flying !!! I've even been crafting - and that's not something I say often. lol. I've gone back to my roots you might say. No, not the Scottish ones, or the ones on my head (though those need looking at too) , but scrapbooking. I've stripped some layouts bare and just kept the photos, added to some because they 'just needed something' and got others finished too.

I had some unfinished work on my desk the other night in the studio, and so after the kids had had their baths and in bed, I went in there to carry on and found the place soaking wet :-((( A new sink upstairs had been connected to the bath earlier that day and obviously some pipes hadn't been tightened up properly. I had a couple of pretty little SU boxes that got a few splashes, but a pile of books got their edges damaged and one LO with a bit I think I can hide okay. I got off very lightly indeed !

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