Thursday, 1 December 2011

More exhausted than I thought........

Can hardly believe it's two weeks ago that Stampin' Up! Demonstrators were heading straight for Disneyland, Paris !  Convention 2011 was a fabulous event and in one of the worlds' most enchanting places - what more could a girl want ???   Surprises ?  Yep, we got those too !  By the many.  Only some have to be kept under wraps for a little while longer for stroking purposes you understand.  Watch closely, you might get a peek !

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Phew ! Time flies

Hi, long time no post. There have been massive changes here on the home front and so much going on it's difficult to know where to start ! The house and garden project has moved on tremendously and is starting to look pretty amazing. Tell you, I never thought I'd see the end - fifteen years of building and mess has sure taken it's toll, but hey, the end's in sight. Mustn't rest on my laurels though but keep the momentum up as there's still a way to go.

The Studio, different matter. I only need to craft an hour or two before it looks like a bombsite once more. Streamlined storage is whats needed and I can get some serious crafting done. Yipeee.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Love these Butterflies

I love the versatility of the new Butterfly Embosslit from Stampin' Up! This is the second attempt at scrapping this photo - and the layout is so, so much lighter than the first. Watch out for more butterflies coming this way soon.
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Saturday, 2 April 2011

In Love With Stamping Blog Hop

WOW ! I'm getting terribly sidetracked going through these blogs :-O There are four groups altogether and 56 participants to go visit, so only go there if you have absolutely BAGS of time ! You are warned. You can start the hop here on the lovely Jo's blog. Have fun but don't say I didn't warn you! LOL

Friday, 1 April 2011

The NEW MINI is Here !!!

The long-awaited Mini Catalogue has arrived for all to see !! Check out the newest and most amazing crafty stuff we have had to keep under wraps. The best, best, BEST arrival is the Big Shot die cutting machine and we are so excited to launch it in the UK. Stampin' Up! has commissioned the manufacturers to produce dies EXCLUSIVE to and only available through Stampin' Up! ........... and they are .......... absolutely gorgeous !

There are new stamp sets and punches, including the adorable Owl Punch, new paper sets, ribbons and buttons and more, all of the best quality that money can buy.

Email me at for your own copy !!

Happy browsing :-)))

Thursday, 31 March 2011

We all love colour, right ?

Take a look at this amazing film clip - it's incredible !

Wasn't that fantastic ?

Well, loads of stuff has been happening here so time is just flying !!! I've even been crafting - and that's not something I say often. lol. I've gone back to my roots you might say. No, not the Scottish ones, or the ones on my head (though those need looking at too) , but scrapbooking. I've stripped some layouts bare and just kept the photos, added to some because they 'just needed something' and got others finished too.

I had some unfinished work on my desk the other night in the studio, and so after the kids had had their baths and in bed, I went in there to carry on and found the place soaking wet :-((( A new sink upstairs had been connected to the bath earlier that day and obviously some pipes hadn't been tightened up properly. I had a couple of pretty little SU boxes that got a few splashes, but a pile of books got their edges damaged and one LO with a bit I think I can hide okay. I got off very lightly indeed !

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Chicken House

Stampin' Up! held their Regional Training last weekend in Hampshire for us Southerners. I am always being surprised with goodies, and despite my very good intention to return the favour I hadn't achieved it til now. Yay. I made these cute little bird houses for the girls in my team, Stampin' Angels, and they went down a treat ! Literally. I received such wonderful comments on the day that I'm going to make more and surprise some other people :)

On the subject of photographs, I managed to upload 146 images from camera to computer yesterday and most of them are trash :( One of my goals is to take more photographs and Scrapbook them so I mustn't let it stop me. It takes me ages to get the camera out too.

None of that today though. The dining room table is cleared off (!) and I have the most gorgeous evening dress here to alter this week and I must get started.

Til next time, happy crafting.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Worst kept blog on the block

That's what the title should say on the top left of my banner ! Besides that, all the 'cutsieness' has gone so it ain't 'Cutest Blog on the Block' at all. Don't know what's happened to it either and it takes sooooooo long to figure it out, that it has just been beyond the realms of possibility.

For as much blog-hopping I do, and there are some wonderful fabby blogs out there too, I had never quite appreciated quite how much time and effort does go into setting one up and maintaining it. So for those of you who 'do' .............. I think you're amazing that you've spent the time creating beautiful stuff and share it with us too.

I know I say this every time........... I'll try and not be away too long next time.