Wednesday, 20 October 2010

All the excitement !

Is it that long since I posted ???

There is sooooo much going on justnow, I don't know which way is up. What with the new catalogue, so much lovely new stuff to play with, classes to plan, planning stuff for the longer term AND how can we forget ................... Convention !!!! I just can't wait. And if my new dress turns up I will have something to wear. lol

With each post, I'd like to show you a picture......... stuff I've made......... work in progress........ classes to get excited about etc etc. That's my aim anyhow - I am not there *yet*. So rather than doing plain text, I've been holding off, and I shouldn't, because I know I have lovely readers out there waiting for something new.

I wish I was up and running like all the rest.

However, I am demonstrating on Sunday alongside Jo and others on a Craft Day. Contact me if you want more info and I will update you in my next post.

Thanks for reading. x

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